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April 13, 2010

Free download - Amana Microwave Cookbook

Free download - Amana Microwave Cookbook

Free download - Amana Microwave CookbookAmana redefined fast food with the invention of the microwave 40 years ago. Ever since, people have used the microwave to create delicious meals faster and easier. Join us as we celebrate themicrowave`s 40th anniversary with a special easy-to-use cookbook.You can download sections à la carte or click Download Cookbook at page bottom.Appetizers & Snacks These recipes are a fresh spin on mid-day, mealtime or midnight treats.Fast and fun, these creations are as tempting as they are easy to make.
Appetizers & Snacks (2.3 mb) Soups, Sandwiches & Other Snacks Simply satisfying, these recipes put a spicy twist on traditional favorites. Big on flavor, these eats aren`t your average nosh.
Soups, Sandwiches & Other Snacks (1.8 mb)Sides Traditional favorites with a 21st century twist, these recipes are palate pleasers. Fun and a funky, they spice up any entrée.
Sides (2.3 mb)Savory Main Dishes Make the most of mealtime in mere minutes. Quick to make and cook,these recipes taste like you spent hours in the kitchen.
Savory Main Dishes (2.4 mb)Sweets & Treats There`s always room for dessert, especially when it`s one of these richand delicious recipes. Fresh and fast, these flavors are meant to savor.
Sweets & Treats (2.6 mb)Download Entire Cookbook Reinvent your recipe repertoire with these fast, delicious recipes. And with our microwave tips, we`ve got you covered soup to nuts.
Amana Microwave Cookbook (8.4 mb)

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