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April 6, 2010

List of our Wins

3/24/10 - Congratulations! You are the winner of our Dunkin’ Donuts Gourmet Giveaway, which you entered on You have won a $60 Gift Card from Dunkin’ Donuts!

2/12/10 - We won the book giveaway at: Books for Better Living February giveaway--I chose the book: A Little Bit Kinky and just as Honey Bear has nodded off, I am able to come back to posting (further down the road), and just found out we won this: a Wilton Heart Shape Cake pan from Simple Daily Recipes

12/4/09 - OH! and we won an AWESOME gift basket from Kraft..check it out:

4/5/09 - Five seed packets to grow a healthy salad, with an appropriate tag "Bloom Where You Are Planted." From a wonderful blog: Miscellaneous Matters

4/1/09 -

3.26/09 - the Fiber Friend Gift Basket Giveaway -- Go check out Carolyn where we won it at:

3/5/09 - 1-You are one of the 13 lucky (see it could be your lucky number too!) winners in The Gourmet Foodie Blog Torn Ranch Chocolate Truffle Giveaway (from The Gourmet Foodie)2- (2) $1.00 off Cover Girl Outlast Lipstain coupon from Val's Views.3-You're one of the three winners of the Burpee Money Garden giveaway on Mom Knows It All.

2/25/09 - Glade Sense & Spray from:

2/5/09 - 500 Free Grocery Coupons.
We won this Kimberly Clark Giveaway -- thank you again, Karen at KeepingTheCastle !And we were of the 10 winners in the Jergens Sample & Coupon Giveaway at The Freebie

2/1/09 - We won a $100 Target gift card from

1/26/09 - $10 CVS gift card (and it will definitely be used as soon as it gets here!!) I won it over at: Frugal RI Mama
And I won a neat looking raincoat from: Thrifty Mommy

1/15/09 - My first blog win was a Pillsbury Home Is Calling Gift Pack: which includes a real nice baking pan, a coupon for free crescent rolls, the cute Pillsbury Dough Boy image on stand, a house shaped mouse pad, a little bread basket and a nifty pot holder. It was my first blog win and it truly was a wonderful win. Sorry to say, I truly can't remember where...
My second win was an envelope of coupons...very much needed and again, I didn't keep the name of the blog where I won from...
But THIS time, I am on top of my game! We just got our win from:
At the Funky Monkey blog and these things are FANOMINAL! We loved these and how wonderful to have packed these for my honey bear to snack on through his night shift - knowing they're organic, taste great and well, healthy! I looked at the ingredients and they're naturally sweetened, so I was happy to send them with him.
We had another win for Pillsbury Brownie mix back in the beginning of December but as of 2010, it still hasn’t come LOL!

So, keep entering those posted giveaways I put here for ya! (There was a long lapse seeing as we DO live on the road, but thanks to my sis meeting us at halfway points, we have been big winners!)

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