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April 17, 2010

Lovely Poem:

Lovely Poem:

God’s Wildflower
My precious wildflower – smile!
I have clothed you in heaven’s splendor.
Though you’re lost to all in a field of blooms,
You’re seen by me and my sweet society.
Don’t worry about who sees your beauty
Or about how much time you have to bloom.
Be dead to the world and alive to me
For I planted you here and I know your name.
I am your Father smiling over you!
You’re growing in the grace of my Sonlight,
Nourished by the rains from my mouth.
My choirs of angels, birds, and saints
Join me in singing my love song over you;
We delight to dance with you in Spirit breezes.
What joy it brings to us all in my kingdom
When you smile and sing back to me!

Jesus says to you: “See how the lilies of the field grow? Your Father clothes them in splendor. So much more than this he clothes you and loves you!” (Matthew 6:28-30, paraphrase).

Hold your head high as you read these verses from the Bible about how much the Father God loves you!
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