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April 22, 2010

Some GREAT Food places you will want to visit

Some GREAT Food places you will want to visit:

Maybe some of you are familiar with these, maybe some of you may want to add them to your vacation must-stops list and maybe some of you just want to know....

But you know how Honey Bear and I travel cross country? Well, I just HAVE to tell you about some real great places to eat - its not often that we get off the highway, but when we do, we head for the best places (on a budget) we can find!

Here is just a small list:

Jersey Boys, New Jersey....Love a good slice of pizza (slice is what we call them) or better yet, THE best calzone I have had to date!

A&S Bagels, Long Island, NY...fresh , NY fantastic, bagels and homemade sweet treats!

Vimbo's in Wheatland, WY... GREAT side dishes to go with fantastic steaks

The Big Texan in Amarillo, Texas where they offer an awesome b-day freebie, AND its so true, THE best steaks by far!

The Cowboy Cafe in Dubois, WY...out in the middle of nowhere, homemade food

Tony Packos in Toledo, Ohio...Do you remember Klinger from M*A*S*H?? This is the place! Famous people from all over have eaten here! There are fake buns signed (behind glass) plastered on every wall including snapshots of everyone from singers to artists...GREAT hotdogs!

Sugos in Buffalo, NY. Honey Bear lived in Buffalo for awhile and yes, the wings ARE best from Buffalo - we shared a bucket of them the other night and no one can compare! Anyway....the only other place I have ever had a steak sandwich like it was in South Williamsport, PA. Oh my goodness...a week later and my mouth is STILL drooling from it! I can taste every bite! Seriously many places pass off cheesesteak sandwiches, phillies and the such, but no one, nope, no where can you find the best and most authentic, then PA, NJ and NY - no matter what anyone says.
And I will share a secret with you...keep it to yourself, try it out, do what ever you want with this secret, but one thing I know for sure is...once you have discovered their little will never go back - you MUST put a layer (thickness depends on you) of cream cheese on the bread, THEN the hot steak and THEN Provolone cheese. Trust will fall in love with your next sandwich!

We have more favorites, but these just came to mind...feel free to comment on YOUR favorite local or enjoyable eating place!

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