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May 7, 2010

Hannah's Example 1 Samuel 1:1-20

Hannah's Example 1 Samuel 1:1-20

In today's passage, the prophet Samuel describes his godly parents and the difficult time they had before he was born. From looking at the life of his mother Hannah, we can learn some important principles by which to live. Though her situation involved motherhood, the lessons apply to both men and women.

Staying committed to family. One of the women in Hannah's life tormented her unmercifully. While she wasn't in any physical danger, her emotions were in constant turmoil because she could not avoid this person. How tempting it must have been to try and find a way out. And yet Hannah stayed in the home, prayed to the Lord, and did her best to cope. She demonstrated a commitment to family that overrode her need for relief.

Communicating love and acceptance. Hannah considered her son Samuel a gift from the Lord (v. 20). I picture her telling him day after day, "God gave you to me. I love you and look forward to what He has planned for you." We have the power to build up our children and our spouses—or tear them down. Through our words of affirmation, prayers, and parental hugs and kisses, we show how much we value them. Demonstrating godly love strengthens the people who are most precious to us.

Some of us live with people who make life difficult. At times we are negatively impacted by the choices they make. God understands your situation just as He was fully aware of Hannah's. Draw close to Him and experience His love and commitment to you. Then express the same to others.

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