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May 29, 2010

Look For The Hero In Your Husband

I love my Honey Bear...he is my hero in every sense of the word - through thick and thin, sickness & health, good times and bad - some people may not always think so, but I do and I try to let him know even when I feel I fail in that regard. Look for the hero in YOUR man...if you can't find one in him, look again - trust me, the hero in him IS there!

Look For The Hero In Your Husband

You may wonder if this approach will actually work with your husband. Remember that men generally want to help their wives and give them gifts. They like to be the hero, if we will give them the chance.

Consider the results of the Candid Camera gag. The setup was a woman walking around with one shoe off and limping badly, barely able to walk. She approached some unsuspecting men and asked them to help her get where she was going. Implicit in her approach was the phrase "I can't walk."

One of the men she approached-a stranger-actually picked her up and carried her to her destination. The Candid Camera crew tried it again with another man, and again the man picked her up and carried her. By the end of the episode fifteen men had carried the woman to her destination. These men were every size, age,shape, and race, and all of them had the same response. Rescue a woman who needs help.

Is your husband really so different than the men capture by the Candid Camera? You will never know until you admit that you need help.

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