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May 9, 2010

nice list of 1-800 numbers to call for samples, freebies and coupons

I haven't been able to verify these, but here is a nice list of 1-800 numbers to call for samples, freebies and coupons:

1-800-733-7546 Free Vaseline sample pack
1-800-354-0387 Free Gillette Sensor Excel razor
1-877-974-3437 Free can of Pringles Ridges
1-877-872-7328 Free Vidal Sassoon Products sampler pack
1-800-331-5144 Free Triumph dog food sample
1-800-524-2939 Free catbox freshener
1-800-874-3221 Free petgaurd dog food sample
1-800-592-6687 Free Royal canine dog food sample
1-800-207-0606 Free Pro plan dog or cat food sample
1-800-867-7258 Free sample of sea salts
1-800-284-9123 Free sample of everclean shampoo
1-800-756-9882 Free sample of Neutrogena hand cream
1-888-311-0020 Free depilatory cream from Cutex
1-800-olay-skin Free sample of Olay body wash and free puff
1-888-554-3767 Free Bounty chip clip
1-800-310-5662 Free sample of columbian coffee
1-800-460-7532 Free Amazon Rainforest Tea
1-800-597-2267 Free food pyramid magnet
1-888-gpo-upon Free recipe book from grey poupon
1-800-997-7358 Free sample of Vita spelt pasta
1-800-373-7226 Free sample of SACO powdered buttermilk blend
1-888-816-5491 Free sample Enviro-Action multi purpose cleaner
1-800-699-4753 Free sample of tea from Water and Leaves
1-800-761-9809 Free recipe board from Spice of Life
1-888-258-4696 Free After Bite Insect Wipes
1-888-368-2624 Free sample of Cinnamon TheraFlu
1-800-SNAPPLE Free Snapple Drink
1-800-637-2233 Free Nescafe Coffee
1-800-373-3832 Free Herbal Tea
1-800-200-9272 Free Ranch Style Beans
1-800-562-3434 Free Peach Ice Tea Crystal Light
1-800-959-1007 Free sample of "TPR" - Therapeautic Pain Rub
1-800-632-5847 Free Coupon and Recipes from McCormick
1-800-523-4660 Free "Miracle Whip Cooks" Recipes Booklet
1-800-874-0261 Free 3-pc sampler of Old-Tyme Sugar-Free Taffy
1-800-874-6586 Free Good Seasonings Roasted Garlic Salad Dressing Sample
1-800-FREE-SOY Free Kimlan Soy Sauce
1-800-747-7418 Free Mai tonic tea sample
1-800-284-9123 Free Sample EverClean Shampoo
1-800-542-2939 Cycletrol Cat Litter Box Freshener
1-800-688-3933 Free Odorless Garlic(kyalic) tablets

Honey Bear is sleeping, so I don't want to wake him by being on the phone...if you find an offer not available or a bad number, please not it in the comment section - like I said, I have not called these to confirm just yet!

(Thanks to Suzanne)

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