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May 11, 2010

One goal semi-accomplished

I wrote this post on New Years of 2009 and I have it almost, yeah...almost...accomplished! Honey Bear isn't 100% persuaded, but at least he has admitted he gets a taste for them :-)
I'm from the Midwest living in the Big Apple (Honey Bear is a born & raised Bronx boy!) and when you get a hankering for a Chicago hotdog, nothing and I mean, NOTHING, will satisfy you in it's place!

Don't get me wrong, New York hot dogs are awesome, but the pickles, the tomatoes, the poppy seeds....YUMMMM!

Added to my list of 'must do's' is to convince my honey bear that these are DE-LISH!

I think I'm going to order 6 to go, so no one will see me woofing these bad-boys down!
Serious eats has a round up of regional dogs you can check out here:

You won't/can't go wrong with the Chicago dogs, I promise! If you are big on commercial restaurants, Portillos has GREAT Chicago dogs

Here is a pic of a New York Dirty Water Dog....why are they called that you ask? Because the water doesn't get changed...or so they rumor goes, but the rumor is right in so many ways...the flavor in THESE dogs come from when they pick that dog out of the water, the juicy water drips on the bun, add spicy mustard and onion relish...oh and the saurkraut, YUM!

Healthy? I say nay nay...but taste good? You BET!

You be the judge...the Chicago dog or the New York Dirty Water dog???

And on a side note, if you are ever visiting New York, our standby favoite place to go for a papaya drink and two dog special is:
Gray's Papaya -

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