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May 6, 2010

TalHotBlonde Documentary

This is an important post.....

If you are an older subscriber, you will know I had always included movie reviews on our blog, but with this one, I really havent had the time. Well, I am breaking that silence. We just watched a movie from Redbox, so I cant remember how new it is, but for ANYONE who goes online (except kids), you HAVE to see tihs movie. Its called TalHotBlonde - its a documentary and you will not believe the twist until you hear the third reason the young man who DIED gives that he was happy to have been gone before finding it out.

I can write you the review here, but in no way will it impact you the way the movie did me. The main person (documentary) behind the master mind of the whole thing that happened (spoke in circles there, but you get the idea)...she is free to do it again, again and again. Her name is a real name: Mary Shieler <<-see that this sick woman never befriends you!

When you go to the linked website, PLEASE click on the PETITION button, PLEASE. Look at the MOM who pretended to be a teenager, and the poor girl committed suicide...they BOTH are scott-free! Please, do yourself, your family and anyone you care about a favor and lets get a law like THIS into action! THE BRIAN BARRETT INTERNET ACCOUNTABILITY PETITION

A Twisted True Story - if you dont want to watch the compelling movie, please click THIS link and read about the author and why she wrote it

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