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May 21, 2010


Hi everyone....well, like with all good things, they eventually come to an end -- but in a good way. Honey Bear is at a job interview and if he comes back with the job....then we are back on the road Sunday evening. Half of me can't wait as we haven't lived in a home outside of a truck in two or so years straight, so in a's gotten old not being on the road and the other half of me likes taking my walks, letting the dog just go outside without us's been nice cooking without the truck moving, and stretching out on the bed in this hotel while channel surfing with a blank stare (STILL can't get used of having the TV on all the time).

So that would mean me posting from the road again and at those opportunities where we get the Internet - I post from daily to weekly -without rush on my end.... but just to make sure you know we are still alive and well :-) that the storms are brewing here, booming...light rain, tornado warnings in every direction and Honey Bear out there, some is NOT the time for me to run out of soda OR my cigs and I have of both, making my wifely fears so much greater at this moment until I see or hear from my Honey Bear!

Well....I just wanted to let you know that it's been nice posting so often and so much and we will probably go back to our schedule of when ever we get the Internet...understand? I am cool wit hit, Honey Bear definitely, here's hoping you are too -- WE MISS OUR ROAD LIFE! lol!

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