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June 6, 2010

At Least 4 Killed as Tornadoes, Thunderstorms Sweep Across Midwest

We stayed awake while the storms were raging around us last nite...our precious dog HATES thunder & lightening, so for her...we kept her company. The power kept flickering, then finally went out, but just for a wee bit...when we looked out the hotel window, it was as if we were in a disco with all the flashes of lightening!

This comes from the town we are in this weekend!

MILLBURY, Ohio -- Authorities say tornados and thunderstorms swept through Illinois, Ohio and Michigan, killing at least four people, destroying 50 homes and damaging scores more, as well a high school gymnasium in Ohio where graduation was to be held Sunday.
Fire Chief Todd Walters of Lake Township in northwest Ohio says several people were taken to hospitals. He says authorities are searching through homes and couldn't say whether anyone is missing. He estimates the storm left an eight-mile path of destruction in an area of farm fields and light industry.
Superintendent Jim Witt says the field house at Lake High School was damaged and the cafeteria was destroyed. Walters says some buses were tossed across the school parking lot.
Meteorologist Charles Mott of the National Weather Service says a tornado touched down in central Illinois.

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