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June 12, 2010


Hi there folks! You know, one of the nice things about always being on the road is, you can be in one state one day & who knows where the next. I love it! Honey Bear is still snoozing, we have the weekend off, so we are just chilling and then heading off to PA to find a hotel/motel with a pool - its either raining on us as we work, or its hotter then a boiling pot of water LOL! So, as he deserves, we will find some place that takes pets AND has a pool - so many places offer pools, but dont have them set up yet-whats up with that???

Anyway, I admit that I havent been posting much lately - I still try to find you some great stuff though as I do come online - loving this wireless card that lets me post while Honey Bear drives instead of waiting for a wireless connection.

Hey, thanks to all of our new subscribers - sorry I killed our last blog! That STILL bothers me that I messed up the code and all.

So, enjoy your day - get out there, make friends, love your family and as always....Be The Heart of YOUR Home - you can never go wrong with that :-)

Thanks a million....Mar

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