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June 19, 2010


Hi there's going out to everyone, how are you doin' today? Make it through the heat & storms?? Good...

This is just a note of thanks to everyone who subscribes/follows us and a welcome aboard for our newest members.

If you are new here, just a wee bit of info for you: Honey Bear and I travel all across the country, mostly now just Michigan to New York lately, but New York is home to us. We have been all over every state with the exception of the deep south. If you travel this summer, your must see states are going to be out west for beauty, out east for good food, but always to Texas for great, amazing steaks! My son is all grown up now and out on his own, moving from small town America to the beautiful town of Colorado Springs, CO....and sigh....has a wonderful girl to be there with him (sighing as its hard to handle when he is your one and only)....
We travel with our other kids: a 12 yo dog and 3 yo cat, who both, actually act like a teenager & toddler, so for us, its parenting all over again.

The internet is a past time for me....I have had websites up since 1999, but choose blogging as a fav for the ease, not a lifestyle. You will find what ever tickles my fancy here, but mostly, a lot of real great finds in freebies, coupons & contests/sweeps.

I take down at the end of every month (sometimes the beginning of the new month) all of the previous month's freebies, coupons & sweeps to make room for fresh, new you never have to weed thru older posts and to keep this place tidy.

Thanks to a wonderful sister of mine, I am able to do reviews and offer you giveaways while we are on the road (she is our pitstop in the midwest) - you will see more in the near future, I am just too overwhelmed right now for them.

Honey Bear, the love of my life, is a born and raised Bronx boy, and I am from small town America...but we love our home in NY - when we get there anyway. We have lived in all boroughs (on all islands) with the exception of Manhattan, we simply LOVE it there! But, find that out west is just as amazing.

Anyway...enjoy this beautiful weekend and as always, Be The Heart of YOUR Home, and you will never go wrong!!

Thanks to all,

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