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August 16, 2010


Hi everyone! Well, I only have a few more minutes of the laptop until next weekend, but I wanted to wish you all a fantastic, safe & family loved filled week.

Prayers & strength request for Honey Bear this week - he is running on empty working, taking care of everything and worrying about me, so reach out for him, ok? He is my rock and strength through all of this.

I go in for more xrays, have my stitches removed if they are completely healed (last week, they weren't) and to have either a boot or cast put on. I am beyond angry over going through all of this due to someone else's negligence - this has truly affected our lives in so many ways: from my time in the truck helping Honey Bear to doing even the simplest thing like taking a bath...I can't do any of it and he has to do it all!

This week we are going to try it out leaving our cat at the motel with me...I am SO lonely being away from Honey Bear, our pets....etc. She has really stepped up to the plate and loves to protect me and pour on love to me. I wish our dog can stay too, but I can't make it up the steps to this room to take her out, so we have to wait on that one.

Anyway....remember, Be The Heart of YOUR Home, and you will never go wrong...

My friend, bless your loved ones. Declare over them, “The Lord blesses you and surrounds you with His favor as with a shield.” Speak forth your own blessings by declaring, “Thank You Lord, You prosper me and I am in excellent health!”

Til next weekend....

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