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September 29, 2010

Just A Note....

I realized today that not everyone knows the power that love, forgiveness and grace carry. These are three remarkable abilities we are all given - in all situations - sometimes, they are the most amazing abilities that you can possess as well as recieve.

If you believe in our Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, then you will know exactly what I mean. As hard as it can be, you do it and you do it from the heart - not just lip service - because to accept Christ, you accept that you yourself are loved unconditionally, you have been forgiven of ALL you have/have not done and His grace IS brand new every day (no matter what sins/mistakes/mishaps happened yesterday, today is a brand new day and yesterday is left behind).

Well, to someone who doesn't realize the great love we are capable of giving just as we are loved, they can't grasp the fact that we, as believers in Christ, through that love....we forgive, we offer grace and they are safe to not 'worry' about it anymore.

I try daily to not only offer these things, but in the midst of misunderstandings about the power of forgiveness, love and grace....whatever the issue is, is seen as being ignored.

I realize the main reason for this is, because I am the one explaining it - the closest people in our lives won't always understand something we are saying because it is coming from US and not from someone else.


What do you do?

Live in love, grace and forgiveness. Still. Yet...always. It is NOT pushing it aside, ignoring it or acting like nothing happened. It is summoning up all your strengths to keep ego and pride out of the way. It is believing that as you are loved, forgiven and given grace, so you shall do too.

There ARE terrible things that happen in our lives - some of them horrendous. It doesn't matter how big or how small, but to each one of us, that situation is horrendous!

What are you suppose to do? From your heart of hearts, beyond pain, fear, worry and love, you forgive and you give grace.

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