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September 12, 2010


Hi everyone....

I couldnt post for you yesterday, seeing as it was the weekend and all, but I hope you have enjoyed your week and have noticed the wonderments of seasons changing - the weather is real nice this time of year and I am just that much more thankful for Honey Bear, my son and our girls (pets)....just something about this time of year that really brings that out in me.

I have a couple hours to post for you, I hope to bring you tons! Either way, my biggest hope is that you are out there, enjoying the true riches in this world - each other.

Hugs to all,


PS.....I won't be posting anything regarding 9/11 as it is still simply too hard to watch all the stuff replayed on the tv-living through it, being right think you could get passed it, but the memories of that day, they are just too hard to explain. I am with (in heart), my fellow New Yorkers who went through it with us and to all in the country who didn't....we truly appreciate your show of support. Thanks!!

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