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September 27, 2010


Hi everyone! Thanks to Honey Bear, I have the laptop during the week too!! Yeah!!

Listen, there is a real malicious virus going on out there. it's sneaky and takes three weeks to truly envelope you. Here is the ugly way we found out we had it: It attacked silently, we have no idea where we got it....for three weeks, the pc was running real slow, freezing up alot and just not feeling right....then it struck. Last Saturday night, I finished using it, set it aside and within a few hours, Honey Bear wanted to use screen. You could hear it working, but no matter how many times we restarted it, it remained a black screen. Finally Honey Bear found a way to see the screen through reflecting light off it...there it was....a text within the black screen that said the pc was infected with a virus and we won't be able to restore it.

Honey Bear went out and bought a new screen to hook the laptop to. He was able to start up in safe mode, but if you tried to start up in any other way, all you would get is the black screen. So there we were, THINKING we were not going to have the pc and had to go out and get another small laptop, as we need it for work.

After a week of thinking about it, Honey Bear got to the motel on Saturday, tools in hand and that was the first thing (after my kiss) to accomplish. He took apart, rebuilt, moved that, clicked this, etc....and voila! We beat that darn virus!!! The darn thing not only killed the back light on the laptop (which is to force you to buy a new pc when actually, your pc will be fine if you can do all Honey Bear did with determination), it stole most of the memory out of it.

THANKFULLY, I have such a determined man!! So, that's how I get a pc during the week now. I'm finding it pretty sweet :-)

As for my broken ankle....we are looking for a new lawyer. so we still can't talk about it and I have to go in this Friday for xrays to see if it comes off finally. When I was in school, I used to think it was so cool when kids would come in with casts on, but let me tell ya, at 46 it is NOT fun! LOL!

Anyway, I am going to work on a few things and post for you, but I truly hope you have such blessings today -- thank you so much for being our readers!!


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