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March 12, 2013

Happy Happy Day!

I know this may be nothing to most of you, but I am SO happy! Last summer, I found out that my fortune city site was lost since they closed email letting me know or anything...just gone. I was so sad because one, it was my first freebie site I created, and also...there was irreplaceable stuff I had hidden around there...poof...gone. When I called, that's basically what I was told too...gone.

I just happened to think of it and decided to type it in...lo and behold, there it was....I smiled like a kid at Christmas!!! It's not that complicated, but it WAS done when we used only html to create sites (none of this easy stuff now a days.)...

so, altho the links ARE old....if you want to look at it, go ahead here:

Honey Bear and I were living in a one bedroom apartment in Bayside (Queens), NY when I started it and I had to put it aside while we lived a short time in Williamsport, PA.

Whether you're interested in checking it out or not...the reason I'm sharing it with you is this...NEVER give up, even when you are told it's gone,.... :)

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