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March 16, 2013

Side Note...

Hi are you this brand new day? Oh how funky this weather is any more...woke up to snow not good for the spirit :(

I'm heavy in the heart and mind area...have been..due to a bad choice that's happened in our home, it just hasn't gone away yet, and with it, came the enemy's tentacles that I am literally on my last strings....but, carry on we must, I suppose.....hence the mind distraction of posting...

Hey, have you had a chance to enter our giveaway yet? The bottle of CHOCOLATE NuNatruals' Stevia button there to the top right of the ends on the 19th and there will be FOUR lucky winners!

Also, our long time readers already know this, but for all the new readers who've joined us, just fyi...this is our 1,000 AVAILABLE post - yay! or nay...hmmm, not sure...what I mean is, NORMALLY, at the end of EVERY month for YEARS...I delete the previous months freebies/coupons/sweeps, etc to give you a clean read at the beginning of the month - that keeps things tidy around here and doesn't bog you OR me down with tons of links to go thru as well as it removes all the expired stuff too that would normally waste your time. Understand?

I have been SO lax on this, but...over the next few days, I am going to do some housecleaning (post cleaning) to tidy this place up - I really hate to see expired stuff on here, ya know....ok, call it a cleaning compulsion :)

OH! And last night I became an ordained how cool is that?! :D

Enough chit chat right? Well, drop me a comment here if you'd like to just say's your day going etc....mind distraction....

And as always, Be The Heart of Your Homes, you'll never go wrong!

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