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April 4, 2013

Side Note... 10 reasons why I love my Honey Bear

On a day that really didn't start out so well, it's pressing on my heart to just put these words 'out there', maybe it will bring favor my way :)

Here are just 10 reasons why I love my Honey Bear:

1. I know that if he could, he would love our family more than anything - I've lived it.

2. He’s always trying to better himself and consume as much knowledge as possible.

3. He can make me laugh, even when he’s making me mad.

4. He has impecable work ethics. 

5. He can cook some kick butt awesome food.

6. He's aware that I protect or help him with fierce loyalty - at least he's aware of it.

7. He’s the only other person I know that will sell everything and move across the world on a whim.

8. He supports and embraces the same desire to live consciously, bettering ourselves AND the world around us.

9. That to me, ME.....he IS the greatest- Honey Bear is an amazing man, with an exuberant laughter, awesome smile, handsomest hands, cutest butt, beautiful eyes, exhausting passion to jump from A-Z, and when he calls my name.... its an HONOR to come to his side.

10. Even on the days when I hate him, I still love him with undying passion

Fourteen years, a lot of struggles, mistakes and sidesteps.... I thank God daily for his creating Honey Bear, for MORE than a list of ten reasons.....

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