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January 20, 2014

Side Note...

Hi's going out to you all! Sorry I haven't posted in quite some time - been kind of tumultuous around here and i also had to take a third shift job - so not cool.....


How are you? Staying warm? Sick of this winter yet? That's why I always want to smack the people who 'want a white Christmas', don't they get it that THIS is what follows?! Oh I'm just cranky :/

OH! and if anyone has an answer for this, I'd greatly appreciate it: Honey Bear and I have a house just outside of town, kinda country, but definitely in the woods....the other day, I just about flipped my lid! As I was sitting on the couch, right there in front of me was a LIVE salamander crossing the floor!!! You heard me...LIVE SALAMANDER! It was brownish, between 4-6" long and the dog couldn't make it out and I was afraid he'd try to eat it and what would happen if he he licked it a few times, I screamed for Honey Bear who wasn't about to lose some precious sleep to save me -- every time I put it on a board to show Honey Bear I wasn't fooling around, it would drop off, freaking me out, I found a clean, old take out container and let it climb inside of it. I didn't have the heart to send it out in the bitter cold, even though I have NO way of knowing just how the heck it's in here when it's suppose to be hibernating, so I stuck the container out in the garage.

Yep, it's still there and it's either frozen or, my best effort failed.

Does any one know the Ohio area and the salamanders here? And also, does anyone know why this thing was ALIVE, walking across my living room floor???

Just curious.

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