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September 3, 2014

Book Review: Heaven Is For Real

Have you had a chance to watch this movie yet? If you have, I hope you've found some answers to your questions about whether or not Heaven IS for real. The book goes into great detail of this young boys experience and the best part is, I have personally had a vision just last year of being held by Jesus and told something and the man in my vision is very similar to the man this little boy described. Now to me, that was AWESOME.

The book is a great read, you'll feel the frustrations of everyone in the family especially the boy and his father. The personal pains of the son trying to be believed, as he is adamant of his experience and the father, who fights his own personal inner war of what people will say, his own personal feelings and then, the fight for others to believe.

I highly recommend this book to all - whether you believe this boy or not, it's a fantastic read, excellent movie and worth the time it takes to enjoy either.

Thumbs up review!

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