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January 27, 2015

Product Review - Charmin Ultra Soft Mega Roll

Charmin Ultra Soft Mega Roll 4 pack - Definitely worth it

I admit that I am a die hard Scott Toilet Tissue user - I never buy any other brand for our home. I've had horrible experiences with Charmin, Northern and other brands trying to find one that I liked. Between the pilling and tearing, I just wasn't confident or comfortable buying anything us - until now.

Being a BzzAgent, I receive products to review from either them or straight from the company and am compensated by the product to review. I almost passed up this opportunity because I do not buy or use Charmin. Something told me to give it a shot and I'm glad I did.

Ok, here's your facts:
The texture is a mix between cotton ball and lotion type kleenex. Soft, quilted and very slightly fragranced. I used it, Honey Bear used it and we are BOTH pleased with the durability and the lack of a perfume smell like some brands use. The MEGA rolls are worth the value as well. Mind you, they ARE double plied and quilted so their mega roll does not equate to Scott, but the comfort is so much better. Not only did we use it in the bathroom, but Honey Bear has a seeping wound and I forgot to buy gauze squares for him. Knowing in advance how toilet tissue usually sticks to any wound and when you go to remove it, it usually sticks to the wound. Not this one. It covered the wound, soaked up what needed to be soaked up and did NOT stick to the wound.For me, this was just another positive experience.

I'm still choosing Scott tissue as my go to brand as that's what we have used for many years, but Charmin Ultra Soft Mega Rolls are my choice in a pinch!

Disclaimer: I did receive a full size product from either BzzAgent or the company as compensation for this review. I post honest, tried and true reviews with my complete open minded opinion either negative or positive is completely mine alone.

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