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February 12, 2015

Book Review: Life Without Limits by Nick Vujicic

Wow is all I can truly say about this book! What encouragement! I have read his book, watched his movie, and have followed him in the news - a beautiful wife and now a beautiful baby!

Here you have a man without his limbs who has grown to be a well known public speaker encouraging others they can make it through anything! Nick had to concur and survive through many adversities and when you can't see a way through, he pulled through!

Never doubt what you can do ever again, as Nick is living proof that there is NOTHING impossible for God to do in and with your life.

An awesome read, I highly recommend this book to all teenagers and adults alike.

Thanks to Blogging For Books, they made it possible for me to read such an amazing and encouraging book!

Disclaimer: I did receive a full size product from either Blogging For Books or the company as compensation for this review. I post honest, tried and true reviews with my complete open minded opinion either negative or positive is completely mine alone.

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