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February 11, 2015


Working through Bzzagent again, we were able to review Kroger's Fresh Foods Market Chicken Tenders and a bottle of Coke.

I'll begin with the coke part. It came to have with the tenders which I completely appreciate!

Ok, so I was suppose to have given up on soda as I've been a diet soda addict for hmmmm, 35 years...yes, that makes me too old to admit LOL. But any soda drinker will tell you...those carbonated bubbles sure do feel good! Diet coke was my choice....and it was goooood :)

As for the Kroger Fresh Foods Market Chicken Tenders: I've seen them in the deli cooler area, never hot and ready in my own local Kroger, so I'm not sure how they taste fresh, hot and ready.

Do you have a Kroger near you? Ours is about a mile away, and it's our quick one stop shop instead of driving out to the local mega mart.

When I went to Kroger to pick up the tenders and soda, there weren't any hot tenders (as usual), there wasn't any plain flavored either - it was BBQ coated or bust - BBQ tenders were my choice for this review.

Ok, so there isn't any comparison to these tenders to homemade:
8 breasts sliced into tenders, 2 c. italian bread crumbs, 1/4-1/2 c. parm cheese, dashes of cornstarch, garlic powder, oregano, italian seasoning, oregano and black pepper - give a good stir.
Can coat with mayo (YES MAYO!), slather it up all over the meat, bread well and can bake at 425 on a sprayed baking pan or pan fry...OR beat 2 eggs with a little milk and press into crumb mixture and fry on both sides til done

But...if you're looking to grab REAL CHICKEN BREAST tenders without the mess or time, yes...these are a GREAT choice because they ARE real chicken breast meat. And if you put them side by side with a fast food chain, they hands down, are a better choice and are REAL food! They are a bit pricey though, right around $7-$8 a pound - but, ONE Big M** is what....close to $4? A pound of tenders will feed two adults or 3-4 kids.

The down side to the ones I bought, (BBQ), is they are simply coated in a BBQ sauce - not a mind blowing sauce, just a mild, eh flavored sauce. Not impressed AT ALL. Flavor wise was ok. I tried to crisp them up under the broiler a bit after trying them as they came from the store, which helped in flavor (burning the sugar in the sauce always helps!). Some pieces were a bit stringy and dried, other pieces were spot on, but it was basically a hit or miss. Here's a pic of them on the broiler tray to show you size, BBQ sauce and quantity you can expect in a pound:

The average tender was about 4" long, a half inch thick - some shorter, some thicker. All in all, a good size.

Kroeger and Bizagent state:

1: Forgo fast food in favor of a meal that's just as fast, affordable and made fresh each day - I AGREE WITH THIS STATEMENT

2: Part of a hot chicken offering that includes everything from baked and rotisserie chicken, tenders and wings to 8-piece fried chicken dinners and 250-piece party packs - I AGREE WITH THIS STATEMENT AS I SAW ALL BUT THE PARTY TRAYS

3: Available exclusively in the deli department at the Kroger Co Family of stores - I DON'T AGREE WITH THIS STATEMENT....Many stores offer their own VERSION of tenders. In my humble opinion, take the hit of having to toss some out just to offer them fresh and hot throughout a specific time period, like maybe 11 am to 7 pm, or something like that so when someone wants to grab something from the deli instead of cooking a meal or running to the nearest fast food, they CAN grab these instead of finding them in the cooler area like I always have and as I'm sure, hot and ready probably DO taste better (taste wasn't the problem, tough and stringy WAS the problem)

4: Whether it's for weekday meals or casual celebrations, Fresh Foods Market Chicken Tenders from The Kroger Co Family of Stores are sure to please for three simple reasons--they're fresh, never frozen and always hand breaded in your local store. I DO NOT AGREE WITH THIS STATEMENT - when I went to my local Kroger, like I said, at that particular time, they ONLY HAD BBQ drenched tenders. I asked the girl behind the counter for a pound of just plain ones to have and she said they had to be cooked, etc...THAT THEY WERE FROZEN. So I cannot state with all certainty, they are never frozen.

I was also offered a couple coupons to give out to my friends for $1 off the coke and 1 lb tenders for them to try as well - I WILL recommend they use the coupons IF THE TENDERS ARE HOT, FRESH and ON SALE,

Disclaimer: I did receive a full size product from either BzzAgent or the company as compensation for this review. I post honest, tried and true reviews with my complete open minded opinion either negative or positive is completely mine alone.

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