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July 25, 2015

Better SHEA Butter Review

Are you familiar with Shea Butter? It's smooth, soothing, and feels like..well, thick lotion until it touches your skin and your body heat melts it luxuriously all over!

I had read many articles on the benefits of RAW, shea butter - in it's natural form - but hadn't had the opportunity to try it out for myself until Isabella, (The Shea Butter Lady), at Better SHEA Butter sent us a block of their Ivory Shea Butter to review:

Just as you see in the picture, it was a block....ok, so I wasn't expecting that. Remember, I hadn't had the opportunity to ever try it before. So, I pulled off chunks, which are like compacted brown sugar--stays together with a few straggle crumbs. I took the chunks, put them in ziploc bags and placed them in different areas like one for my purse, one in the bathroom and even gave one to Honey Bear to use while he was working.

Wow!! We were definitely pleased. Mind you, this is shea butter in it's natural state: no pretty perfume smells, no easy to squeeze or pump bottle, etc. Although Honey Bear likes it unscented, I admit I would prefer SOME that as it may, it smooths on with your body heat and eases the driest of skin.

Since I hit menopause a couple years ago, two of the areas of major concern for me are my hair (it's turning into straw, I swear!) and the skin on my legs. I haven't found any product at all, to ease me of either issue, got it, Better SHEA Butter.

For my skin: while my skin is still warm from my shower, I dry off for the most part, not completely, but just so I'm not dripping water every where, and I scoop a piece of Better SHEA Butter and just run it all over my dry areas and let it just soak into my skin. That's another bonus to Better SHEA Butter, it soaks in and does NOT leave any oily residue.

For my hair: I don't know what else to do with my straw hair. I'm at the point of cutting it all off and see if it will grow back full and luxurious. Yeah, I know....won't work, but that's how frustrated I am. Do you or have you ever just put straight coconut oil on your hair and let it soak in? I have. It works but two showers later and poof, gone. It IS the same way with shea butter, but the shea stays in place, I don't have to worry about it getting on my t-shirt before I jump into the shower.

Oh, and another benefit to Better SHEA Butter is, my Honey Bear has terribly dry feet. I love to massage his feet and when I used the Better SHEA Butter, all the dry was gone! I leave his feet kind of oily and then put on a clean pair of cotton soaks on his feet, when he wakes up and takes his socks off, his feet aren't dry any more! When he lets me do this daily, it DOES erase the dry. I don't have that problem, so I have to use him as a guinea pig LOL.

You can go to their site Better SHEA Butter and read up on how to use shea butter as well as when. I highly recommend shea butter in it's natural form like what Better SHEA Butter has to offer and have added it to our all natural home. And the best part, for me any way, I can mix in any scent 'I' want and I can keep some unscented as Honey Bear likes it. Win win!

(Disclaimer: Better SHEA Butter provided me with free samples of these products to review and I was under no obligation to write a positive review or sponsor a product giveaway in return for the free products)

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