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July 27, 2015

DIY Mold Remover

Our house is in the woods. I always thought it would be so 'cool' to live in the woods, but now I's not so cool!

Everything has that 'damp' feel to it and one drop of dirt or old food hidden any where, you've got mold. I have found mold (the hairy kind) in the weirdest of places even though I am OCD when it comes to a clean house and that's not to mention the mold on the window sills or that shows up on the walls and cabinets.

Personally, I am just sick of it and feel defeated - until now!

Here's a super simple, completely does the job solution for yours and mine, mold problem:
1/2 c Hydrogen Peroxide with 1 c water
Mix in a spray bottle and spray all over mold. Let sit for an hour and wipe off with a wet rag. You may have to do it again if it's real tough, but this is non-hazardous mold remover and I love it!

Many thanks to Budget Savvy Diva

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