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August 2, 2015

Manitoba Harvest Hemp Hearts Review

While I was offline, I had the WONDERFUL opportunity to review Manitoba Harvest's RAW SHELLED HEMP SEEDS we all know what hemp is, right?  If not, the site LIVESCIENCE has put together a good explanation: "The marijuana plant has many uses apart from drug use. A distinct variety of the Cannabis sativa plant, known as hemp, can be grown to maximize the fibers in the stalk of the plant or to maximize seed production" . 

I had never eaten hemp seeds and since we like raw food, I was doubly looking forward to this review! Wow wow wow! If you like nuts, you WILL enjoy Manitoba Harvest Raw Shelled Hemp Seeds. The taste they say on their site is similar to sunflower seeds or pine nuts and I personally, found them to taste between sunflower seeds and raw cashews. Either way, they are DELICIOUS! 

When I knew I was going to receive the Raw Shelled Hemp Seeds, I wasn't sure how I was going to incorporate them into a recipe, but I did:) 

One of our favorite foods is pesto and another is hummus. I had the ingredients on hand for hummus, and thankfully, I was able to trial and error a couple times until I got the right taste WE enjoyed. Do you like hummus? If you do, you'll know all great hummus's have tahini. I decided that since tahini has sesame seeds, why not try to make it with hemp seeds. The size of each hemp seed is basically the same as sesame seeds, that hit an explosion. My first batch of tahini made with the exact measurements using hemp hearts was a bit too strong for my taste. Oh it was still delicious, just too much nutty taste. So, I remade a batch of tahini using HALF the amount of seeds, but the regular amounts of everything else and that, my dear readers, was the perfect match. If you're unfamiliar with tahini, all it is, is a bunch of sesame seeds with olive oil and a pinch of can find a whole explanation and recipe HERE.

I've even taken a spoonful out of the bag when I needed that sunflower seed craving filled and had none on hand! But honestly, where ever you would use nuts, you can use these Hemp Hearts, like salad instead of sunflower seeds or cashews or pine nuts is a great topping alternative. I haven't tried it on anything sweet, I'm not a big sweets/nuts person, so I can't give you the heads up on that one, but the possibilities can be endless.

(Disclaimer: Manitoba Harvest provided me with this free product to review and I was under no obligation to write a positive review or sponsor a product giveaway in return for the free products)

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