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August 26, 2015

You MAY Be Owed By Starkist Tuna

Now this post is going to have to TRUST you for responding to it honestly, but Starkist tuna was sued for, despite their claims otherwise, under-filling their cans of tuna. Yeah...I think a lot of that is going on because there's a lot of packaging that's smaller and 3/4 full now too...anyway.....

IF you believe you've bought Starkist brand tuna since 2009, please follow THIS link and file a form AFTER reading the home page. There are four items in question that you choose from (you need to choose all that apply) and will be asked for your phone number, email and address. You will have two choices to recieve your part of the lawsuit - $25 cash, or $50 of coupon vouchers for Starkist brand products. Lastly, you WILL have to check the area that asks you to verify that your part of the claim is TRUE.

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