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September 11, 2015

On This Day...September 11...

This day, I've shared the same story thru the years:
We lived ten minutes away, 
Honey Bear was due in the city at noon, 
I was cranky because I liked to watch the news before I went to work around the corner from our apartment but none of the stations were coming in. 
I got up to get ready for work when walking by the TV, I saw the second plane hit.
I stood in shock. 
It took me a minute to collect myself, remembering Honey Bear and I were literally, just there the other day.
I ran into our bedroom and told him what happened and in his disbelief, he came to the TV and saw it all too......shock is the only word.....
I HAD to go to work (for a friend who owned a gift shop a few doors down and he needed me). The store was a mad house, 
Honey Bear stayed home. 
The foreigners coming in for any red/white/blue items to 'protect' their stores was madness. 
There were no phones working, we couldn't leave, we were trapped. 
My son's school was awesome in wanting to help him contact me. 
It took three days for the smell of burnt plastic to radiate every where and that smell was trapped inside our apartment...
We lost friends, neighbors...the EMT crew across from our apartment was lost (AWESOME group of people).....friends who'd got off the subway only for someone to fall in front of them from a building...
it's a very traumatic memory, but we move forward, we appreciate life, we pray for the lost, and we hope that in the madness of what's happening around us that people wake up and stand TOGETHER instead of the division the people supposedly in charge is directing. 
Please don't take this day lightly, Please don't mistreat it either - it's a memory that we get through and learn from and appreciate each other and life all the more!
Please, take a moment and watch this awesome Skit Guy video...

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