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November 24, 2015

Yes! A Win I Was Hoping For

Who needs riches when you can win what you really want, right?

I found that living in the woods, the creepy crawlers are out of control IN the house. Look, we even had a SALAMANDER walk across our entrance-way in JANUARY....ugh, yeah, you heard right...

And this year, oh my goodness, I've never seen so many of the bad guy spiders or weird black beetles in all my life! I tried peppermint oil, pine-sol, orange, lemon, pepper, oh just about everything imaginable. I can't do walnuts for fear the dogs would use the nuts for balls. I DID however, find that mixing bleach with water will keep them off the window screens and polishing with lemon oil CONSTANTLY works too (besides putting duct tape on every single slit or crack!)

Well, thanks to: Natural Healthy Concepts, I'll be able to use lemon oil again (ran out and not in the budget right now for more) I won their Thanksgiving giveaway and will receive their lemon oil from here:

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