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February 11, 2016

Dancing Deer Is AWESOME

I had forgotten to tell you a couple weeks ago, we were chosen to receive a Dancing Deer gift basket. I know they make sweet treats and I know most super markets sell them, but I had never dealt with them DIRECTLY.

I wanted to give a shout out to Dancing Deer to say a great big THANK YOU! I can't post a picture of OUR specific gift basket as it's been thoroughly attached, but here's s link to the basket we received:

It was hard to pick what item to tell you about, but I'll stick with my personal favorite - the Cranberry Orange cookies. YUMMMMMMMMM with a capital YUMMMMMMM LOL.

They're soft, not too soft, sweet, not too sweet, they're definitely full of flavor and that to me, is a huge selling point!

I wanted to pass this along to you because if you like to order gift baskets, ours arrived by mail carrier in excellent condition. The packing is perfect and not a broken cookie to be had, as everything is wrapped in their own little packages. The prices are definitely worth it-you ARE getting what you pay for. The flavor is right on the mark - you don't have to over-eat TRYING to find some flavor, nope, one cookie will do ya (except for me, I'm on my sixth already and you can only guess, there's absolutely NO room for dinner! And Hannah as well as Karen are there for you - quick responses and super nice.

I do hope you give Dancing Deer a try, I know you'll enjoy their sweet treats as much as we do.

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