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February 28, 2016

EXPIRED - A Short Film About Food

EXPIRED is a short film that explores how misleading date labels on food products contribute to food waste in America. I'm conflicted about this one, it's a SHORT film, but I have bought milk that has gone bad ON the expiration date and have USED milk past the expiration date. I get the just of what they're talking about and have seen it first hand while working the many levels of retail.

BUT....Your nose and tongue are there for more than enjoying food, but protecting you as well.
I also go by common sense that I grew up with. At 52, if you lack wisdom or knowledge, I've lived a pretty good life and can help you out - as I started out with the whole world in front of me once....and now, I do everything I can to make up for my mistakes :)

Watch this short film HERE

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