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February 13, 2016


We are so excited to bring you this giveaway. Fortress Clothing is a small business with great ideas and they have generously donated a $715 Bug Out Bag with premium clothes designed for -30 degrees to 70 degree Fahrenheit temperatures. If it's possible to never be cold again--it's these clothes which will make that happen. The Bug out Bag includes:
-jacket liner
-pants liner
-hot sox
You can see what the clothes and read about the quality and science behind the clothes at The best part of the giveaway--the winner will be put in contact with Fortress Clothing who will ship you the best sized clothes for you.

If you work, play or spend time outdoors or find yourself always a bit cold--this giveaway is for you!

This giveaway is sponsored by littlecloud. In all of our giveaways, for each person who enters, our company donates radio ad time to a good cause or small business. We thank Fortress Clothing for their donation of the Bug Out Bag. This partnership exemplifies our company mantra of "helping good people do great things."

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