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April 9, 2010

2010 Ultimate Blog Party

I wanted to give a shout of Thanks to all my fellow bloggers for not only a successful blog party, but for all the amazing blogs I have come across from the party! Drop a line if you like, and thanks for the invite!

For anyone who doesnt understand this post, 5 Minutes for Mom created a place where we blog hop and meet others in the blogosphere and discover new and interesting blogs.

Great concept! Normally, I wouldnt be able to attend, but being on vacation and Honey Bear watching a movie I have already seen, this is pretty fun!

I am having tons of fun surfing through it! I am #986 Blog, #734 Twitter & #462 Facebook

A LITTLE about us...Honey Bear and I just had our 11 year anniversary, we have a 23 yr old son who we are exceptionally proud of, Honey Bear and I travel all over the country, mostly though from New York (home and Honey Bear is a born & raised Bronx Boy) to Colorado for work, but stop by family in Illinios (my homestate), we travel with our two girls--our beautiful dog and sweety cat, which, seriously...anyone who says pets arent people too are NUTS as it is seriously like having a teenager and 2-yr old with us! LOL! I have had websites up since 2000, but mostly focus on the ease of blogger where I post any of my personal fancies: crafts, freebies, sweeps, you name it!

If chosen to win a prize at this party, I would love ANY of these, but my first three pick would be:
US18 – Goodie Basket for Mom

US27 – One lucky winner will receive a Collected Recipes Cookbook binder, coordinating 8.5″ x 11 stationery, full page plastic protector sheets, and a pack of coordinating recipe cards.

USC 28 – How to Roast a Lamb: New Greek Classic Cooking

But want these too!!

US7 – Tupperware Prize Pack – the winner will receive a box filled with fun Tupperware goodies.

US13 – A Salt City Candle Electric Melting Pot with two melting tiles

US36 – The winner will receive 2 year-long magazine subscriptions…one to Taste of Home and one to Simple & Delicious.

US96 – A laundry prize pack from Mrs. Meyer’s! 64-oz laundry detergent (HE compatible), 80-ct dryer sheets and freshener.

US101 – One lucky winner will get this $450 Human Touch Foot and Calf Massager

USC 53 – What’s New, Cupcake? A fun and easy cupcake book


  1. Now THAT'S a vacation; me blogging and the honey bear watching TV ;)

  2. know, Honey Bear KNOWS my heart is for our home first and foremost, so this has been an incredibly patient man...he has let me be online as much as I want without complaint...what a sweety :-)

  3. Stopping by from the UBP.Nice to meet you!

  4. Hey Thanks for stopping by this morning. I am following you on twitter. Isn't this party great!


  5. Hi there! welcome, welcome!!

  6. Hi,
    Thanks for stopping by my site! It looks like I'll be back there's a lot of interesting stuff I would like to dive into, but on a party roll right now!
    Have a great week!

  7. Thanks for coming by my blog to visit!

  8. Ditto! theres just so many but tons of fun!

  9. Nice to meet you. Thanks for dropping in during the party.

  10. Thanks so much for stopping by my party, it was great to meet you!

  11. Nice to have met you ladies too!

  12. stopping by from UBC!! thanks for comenting on my site! i will be back here. come visit me again soon :)
    ps- my family is from New York

  13. I was attracted to your blog by the great title! Take care and come by and visit me too!

  14. Thanks for visiting Cook Clean Craft, and helping me find your blog. Happy UBP!

  15. Thanks for having us!! This is such a fun party. Hope to see you more around.

    And we'd love to have you over at our place:

  16. Just stopping in for the UBP! Nice to meet you! I enjoyed browsing your blog and am now an email subscriber. Looking forward to reading more!
    jackievillano at gmail dot com

  17. Thank you for stopping by my blog party. You have a nice blog here. It's wonderful that you and your husband get to travel all over the country.

  18. Stopping by from UBP...looks like you've got a lot of great tips here, will have to visit again!

  19. Thank you, it IS nice to be able to do something like we do, keep in mind though, we work when no one has to or want to...our job is dangerous, extremely....(car haulers) and there are so many down sides to it, but we love it and the sites we see and people we meet...its simply awesome!

  20. thanks so much to everyone stopping by! I have lost count and track of everyone LOL! glad you enjoyed your visit here!