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April 10, 2010

Review - Oreo Cakersters

Review - Oreo Cakersters

Are you a member of Kraft First Taste? If not, you can sign up for free. I was offered a coupon for one free box, any flavor, Oreo Cakesters....I couldnt decide on which one flavor as ther are the regular (like the original flavor Oreo), vanilla (like the vanilla Oreo) and peanut butter, which is the chocolate outside, peanut butter inside. I chose the vanilla.

They really DO taste just like the Oreo cookie! I stopped eating Oreos a few years ago, for two reasons: one, they seem just way too crunchy! (that could be a good thing to some) and two, after I eat them, I have black coated teeth! (yikes!)

So, I was happy to try a softer version. They met my expectations on taste and texture-GREAT! The only negative I have to say is, they really are sweet. As a kid, I know I would love these little buggers, as I can see them as being addictive - at 46, I think I will only buy them when I absolutely need an Oreo!

If you are a member, check your account offers for a coupon for either a free box of oreo cakesters (the one I got) or $1/1. I highly recommend signing up for this program. It's free and easy and you can get free Kraft food samples!

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